TÜV Rheinland InterTraffic GmbH has decades of experience in the field of diagnostic and safety technology and in addition to diagnostic systems it provides a comprehensive range of services in that field. This includes continuous system support in data management, data evaluation and reporting, individual analyses based on the collected raw data and pre-processed data, weak point analyses of machines, maintenance and inspections, development of strategies for acquisition of measuring data and consultancy

The diagnostic centre is equipped with the latest infrastructures specially designed for the complex fields of wind turbine diagnosis, conventional power plant technology, rail vehicles, meaning that urgent inquiries can also be answered at all times and problems solved in time.

In the analysis centre, digitally stored measured data are mainly processed into trend representations to provide details on the causes of damage and damage development, for example. A wide range of raw and original data is a basic prerequisite for the reliable interpretation of current developments in relation to known reference conditions.

Online analysis and monitoring concept:

  • ƒƒCMS integration into the control technology
  • Online analysis of the time domain and monitoring if limit values are exceeded
  • Online analysis of the frequency domain and monitoring if limit values are exceeded
  • Diagnosis of the system condition
  • Data handling according to GL and AZT requirements
  • Providing an html info page

Offline analysis and service concept:

  • ƒEnsuring data transmission
  • Data management based on fail-safe server architecture
  • Data editing for offline monitoring with expanded depth of diagnostics
  • Event-controlled reporting to support maintenance personnel (diagnostic messages when a limit value is exceeded that must be reported)
  • Cycle-controlled reporting (and semi-annual reports on turbine condition)
  • Ongoing optimization of the diagnosis and monitoring algorithmics based on the individual turbine type


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